DUIs can be intimidating and often very confusing to navigate through.  If you have a DUI and need guidance on how to go through with it, Directions can help you with our DUI Assistants program.

Our goal is to not only provide DUI support, but also help our clients avoid DUIs in the future through teaching legal and moral responsibilities while on the road.  As an addiction treatment facility primarily, our staff does not judge and only wishes to provide as many people as they can with the knowledge and support they need going forward. 

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Drug & Alcohol Assessment

In certain cases, a drug and alcohol assessment will be recommended by the CRN or ordered by the court if they believe the offender may need treatment.  We provide drug & alcohol assessments done by a CDAC which help determine if the appropriate treatment is necessary.  Those who are required or would like drug & alcohol treatment are welcome to join Directions Behavioral Health Centers’ program.

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How IOP Helps

When getting into an accident with a high blood-alcohol level, judges and prosecutors may not look at the bigger picture.  They may assume you’re just another alcoholic on the road.  Even if you’re not ordered by the court to get a drug & alcohol assessment, taking this measure yourself will reduce your risk of a longer punishment, as you are demonstrating to the court that you’re acting responsible and trying to prevent future DUIs.

In addition, the purpose of Intensive Outpatient (IOP) is to understand why the person in question is suffering from drug or alcohol abuse, and remedy those issues, preventing DUI from happening in the future.

Multiple DUI offenses lead to increased punishments, as well as the potential injuries and even death to you and others on the road.  Our program at Directions is covered by many types of insurance and will help you prevent future accidents, and put your life on the right path as well.


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