Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much will my treatment cost?

A: Everyone’s journey to recovery is personal, with each patient taking different amounts of time and going through a different variety of programs.  The cost of treatment heavily depends on those factors and will vary between patients.

Q: Will Directions cure my addiction?

A: There is no cure for addiction.  Those who have addictive personalities will be battling addiction throughout the rest of their lives.  What our rehabilitation program aims for is to help everyone learn how to manage their addiction properly.  It takes openness, hard work and dedication, but even those who see themselves at rock bottom can succeed, and Directions is here to guide them.

Q: Should I recommend Directions to a friend or loved one?

A: Often times our loved ones will stay quiet due to the stigma of addiction and the internal struggle that fuels it.  If someone you know is exhibiting signs of addiction, do not hesitate to confront them or seek help.

Q: How many locations does Directions have?

A: We currently have two locations.  Our main location, Directions Outpatient Centers, in Philadelphia, PA and Directions Behavioral Health Centers in Margate, FL.

Q: Which location is best for me?

A: Our Philadelphia location provides PHP, IOP & OP to create a full-blown addiction recovery program from start to finish.  Our Margate location does not have OP and provides mind & body-cleansing activities such as massages and acupuncture in a sunny Florida environment.

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