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Directions in Margate, FL is a PHP day/night program with community housing.  Our experienced, licensed and compassionate staff work with you to develop and implement a treatment plan to help you learn more about the addiction process, identify triggers and root causes for your substance abuse and develop healthy coping mechanisms so you can deal with these stressors without turning to drugs or alcohol.

Our program isn’t a hospital or medically supervised detox program; rather, it’s a community residential rehab that lets you leverage the benefits of supervision and guidance from experienced counselors and clinical staff.

Group and individual therapy help you address the root causes for your substance abuse and work on both resolutions and coping skills. Nutritional counseling helps you understand how to fuel your body for success and establish a healthy diet that addresses any medical or physical needs you may have.

What We Offer

• 12-step programming to prepare you to transition into a group after leaving residential treatment.

• Medication management to help you understand how to balance a drug-free lifestyle with any prescriptions or medical issues you may be dealing with.

• Holistic therapies, including massage, yoga, acupuncture and music therapy, to treat your body, soul and mind.

• Case management to ensure you move from residential treatment into an appropriate outpatient, 12-step or individual therapy situation to increase your chances for success with sobriety.

• Recreational activities to redevelop confidence and interpersonal skills outside of a substance abuse lifestyle.


Margate Therapists & Staff

David Antonini
Chief Operations Officer

David was born in Philadelphia and raised in South Jersey. David struggled with his own substance use disorder and dealt with familiar consequences such as dropping out of school, overdoses, jail and numerous treatment stays. David attributes his recovery success to 12-step fellowship and a relationship with God. David started his purpose of helping others 4 years ago in Philadelphia as a case manager helping the homeless to find treatment and basic human needs. David completed his GED and now spends his time with his 12-year-old daughter who is his heart and to whom his recovery process has meant the world too.

David works closely with our team to build relationships in the community and help develop further resources for our clients and their families in Philadelphia, PA and Margate, FL. David works closely with the clinical team as well to help show other resources and partnerships different therapies and services we offer at our various locations.

Kate Smith LCSW
Clinical Director

Kate Smith is a licensed professional and has worked in the mental health and substance abuse disorder fields for 10 years. Kate earned her bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Florida Atlantic University, graduating magna cum laude from her class. She attained her Masters in Social Work (MSW) at Barry University in an accelerated program. She has served as a therapist and supervisor in clinical programs for inpatient and outpatient services, as well as acute and sub-acute programs for substance abuse, mental health, and dual diagnosis. Kate has experience as a supervisor, consultant, speaker, and administrator. Kate believes that by offering a consistent quality of care to both the patients and families she serves, it makes the outcome much greater for success. Kate believes in the importance of the family in the recovery process and Directions Behavioral Health Center’s commitment to supporting the family throughout the treatment process.

Katelynn Camden
Primary Therapist

Katelyn holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Psychology, with a Professional Diploma in MFT from Kean University. Katelyn has been working in the field of Marriage and Family Therapy for the last 5 years. Originally from New Jersey, Katelyn began working in the addiction field at a treatment center as a behavioral tech. Since then she has provided therapeutic services in outpatient level of care. Katelyn practices using a family systems approach. She believes that the family system can have a positive impact on a loved one in treatment. Katelyn incorporates CBT, Solution Focused, Structural family therapy, and motivational interviewing techniques to assist clients in creating a different path. She hopes to help clients gain support from members in their immediate subsystem and through 12 step- based recovery to change their core beliefs.

Chris Del Brocco
Outreach Coordinator

Chris, a native of South Philadelphia, comes to Directions Behavioral Health Centers with vast knowledge of recovery and experience in the field of addiction. Chris was a basketball standout who threw away what would have been a promising career due to his own personal struggles with addiction and lifestyle. Chris has been an active member in the recovery community in both south Florida and South Philadelphia bringing hope to others who have seemingly followed a once similar path. Chris’ dedication to the community and his job make him one of the of the first lines of contact in regards to seeking help. Chris’ desire to help others is paramount and makes him an asset to recovering addicts as well as the Directions Team.

Sarina Meshulam PhD, MS

Sarina Meshulam holds a PhD in Psychology from the University of Chicago, with a Masters and Bachelor degree in Applied Psychology (Lynn University) and Family Studies (Towson University). She has worked in the behavioral health sector since 2009, when she transitioned from Prevention to Treatment of Substance Abuse and co-occurring mental health disorders. In addition to her work as a clinician and supervisor, she has developed and implemented peer training programs for The United Way Commission on Substance Abuse, most notably working on family dysfunction correlated with substance use. She holds addendum certifications in human sexuality, and strongly advocates for the inclusion of LGBTQI persons in her professional practice. She believes in a collaborative approach that encourages clients to remember their authentic selves, while growing and changing into healthy members of their family and society, ultimately hoping to embody the idea “we are all just walking each other home.”

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