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Directions will ensure your needs are taken care of, no matter what your situation may be.


Above all else, our goal is to free as many people from addiction as possible.  Nobody is left behind.


Building relationships is essential for recovery.  We consider everyone at Directions family, not a “patient” or “client”.

Who Are We?

Directions offers treatment to those who are suffering from drug or alcohol addiction.  If you’re worried you or a loved one may be suffering from substance abuse, you’re far from alone.  Addiction is an epidemic that has torn families apart for ages.

We here at Directions invite you to come join our family if you believe you are suffering from an addiction.  With our individualized care programs, our top priority is creating a treatment plan that works for you.  Our therapists and staff are always ready to get you back on your feet and help set the foundation for a new vision of life, free from the clutches of addiction.

Do not be afraid to seek help, whether it’s for you or a loved one.  If you believe Directions is right for you, call us at (877) 228 – 2073 or Contact Us today.


There is no cure for addiction.  However, many of those that have suffered from it in the past have overcome the odds and went on to live happy, sucessful lives.  Our mission is not to cure the incurable, but to help create a bright future for those whose lives have been tormented by addiction.  With hard work and dedication, you can create the next success story; and we here at Directions will stop at nothing to help you every step of the way.

Two Different Locations

2300 S Broad St. Philadelphia, PA 19145
• Relapse Prevention Planning
• Individual Treatment Plans
• Psychotherapy
• Family Therapy Program
• Yoga
• Genetic Testing
• Dialectic Behavioral Therapy (DBT)
• Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
• Trauma Resolution Therapies (EMDR)
• Group Therapy
• Individual Therapy
• SMART Recovery
• Neurofeedback
• Music Therapy
• Integrative Therapy
• 12-Step & Alternatives such as Refuge Recovery
• Medication Assisted Treatment
6261 W Atlantic Blvd. Margate, FL 33063

• 12-step programming to prepare you to transition into a group after leaving residential treatment.

• Medication management to help you understand how to balance a drug-free lifestyle with any prescriptions or medical issues you may be dealing with.

• Holistic therapies, including massage, yoga, acupuncture and music therapy, to treat your body, soul and mind.

• Case management to ensure you move from residential treatment into an appropriate outpatient, 12-step or individual therapy situation to increase your chances for success with sobriety.

• Recreational activities to redevelop confidence and interpersonal skills outside of a substance abuse lifestyle

Joint Commission Accredited

In addition to being licensed drug and alcohol program by the state of Pennsylvania DDAP office we are also a joint commission approved facility. Joint commission accreditation means we meet the highest standard of excellence in the industry.

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